Type standaard - sensor H
Doseerinterval 2.0 - 26.0 cm³
Gewicht (kg) 2.7
Koppeling (smeermiddel) binnendraad P 1/4" BPS
Koppeling (smeermiddel) buitendraad P 1/4" BPS
Koppeling (perslucht) Binnendraad 2 en 4 1/8" BPS
Druk uitgang binnen draad A 1/4" BPS
Bevestigingsschroefdraad 4 X M6
Max. druk (smeermiddel)[bar] 200
Druk OUT (smeermiddel)[bar]
Min. druk perslucht[bar] 5.0
Optimale druk perslucht[bar]
Max. druk perslucht[bar]
specificatie smeermiddel NLGI 3/Max 1000000 mPa.S

ABNOX Metering Valve Stations with Sensor present a low coast and hence frequently used solution for monitoring the dosage process.
 This dispensing interrogation facilitates an optimal process supervision and guarantees a high service life through his robust construction.
These Metering Valve Stations are suitable in particular for large volume metering applications and offer a simple and
fast mounting option directly at the Metering Valve.

The Metering Valve Station is available in different dispensing ranges. The dosage chamber volume is continuously
adjustable by a screw adjustment. With the standard nozzles ABNOX constructs specific customised application
nozzles which can be directly screwed to metering valve.

Function: The pneumatic part of the metering valve is controlled over an external pneumatic 5/2-way valve. The lubricant dosing is then initialized.
The dispensing pressure depends on the pressure in the lubricant (medium). The air- and the lubricant chamber is separated from each other.
The process safety increases itself through the specific construction. The initiator sends an electric impulse if the cycle is closed
and the lubricant (medium) is ejected.

Tip: To guarantee a process-safe functioning of the sensor H, the smallest adjusted metering mount has to be approx. 10 % larger than the
minimal amount marked on the valve. ABNOX recommends the nearest smaller valve tot the lower dispensing range.